Resh water from a tap
Resh water from a tap

Washing Machine

Freshly laundered linen Freshly laundered linen



Doulton Washing Machine Filter.


Say goodbye to yellow stains in your clothes, and say hello to clean, soft water for washing your clothes. Along with keeping your clothes clean, it also protects your washing machine.


Our filter is designed to be placed after the water outlet and before the water inlet hose to your washing machine.

It consists of:

- Filter housing

-  Filter candle of up to 0.5 microns that should be replaced evry 6 months.

- Installation

It is made of food grade plastic; the highest quality according to the requirements of the European Union and with NSF and WRAS certifications.

Our filters do not require electrical energy to function, they work thanks to the pressure bars you have in your home's water supply (minimum 1.5 bars; the standard is between 2.5 and 5 bars)

International Certified Quality : All products manufactured under the Doulton brand are manufactured under the most prestigious certifications in the industry sector such as: Iso 9001, NSF, WRAS, Water Quality Certification. More information  here


  • Quality water and without turbidity so that the washing machine arrives without impurities.
  • Long-lasting filters; 2400 liters of filtered water without changing the filter candle
  • Manufactured from the highest quality food plastic according to the requirements of the European Union.
  • Filtering speed of approximately 300 liters per hour
  • No power supply required.

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